5 Reasons Why Water Needs to be Purified

By Alec Brewer Adventurer, Writer & Water Freedom Advocate  Wonder why people sometimes seem to be on a craze about purified water? Look no further and find out why this can be the answer to many health and functionality issues. 1: Kicking Contaminants to the Curb By purifying water, we can remove the majority of harmful […]

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7 Big Reasons Why Water Costs are Rising Worldwide

By Alec Brewer Adventurer, Writer & Water Freedom Advocate  Globally it is becoming increasingly clear that the rise in water costs is affecting almost all 7.5 billion of us. The reasons for these rises are muddied within various aspects relating to business industries, societal contributions, and the environment. 1: Aging Infrastructure  First up, let’s talk about […]

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Freshwater Lakes in the World

By Alex Brewer Adventurer, Writer & Water Freedom Advocate  There are millions of freshwater lakes all around the globe. Here we have collected a few of many stunners that ought to be put on your bucket list. 1. Lake Tahoe - California, United States Arguably THE crucial stop when touring California bordering Nevada is Lake Tahoe. Surrounded […]

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How To Prepare For The Next Drought

This video reveals how a simple invention can be used to make safe, clean, and cool drinking water out of thin air… Plus the surprising reason water corporations have for why they don't want us to know about this system. Note: If you’ve ever worried about running out of water or maybe the quality of your water, […]

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